Friday, March 31, 2006

The Wrestling Season

Northwest Children’s Theater
March 31, 2006; closes April 8, 2006

Look out — this children’s theatre is growing up. Pumped-up staging featured outstanding hands-on wrestling sequences coached by Bryce Wescott, pinned by undaunted young ensemble that clearly did its homework. Fearless physicality, genuine presence checked occasionally false-ish dialogue back into reality. Post-play forum — with actors continuing in character — tagged audience reaction.


Jake said...

Overall I really enjoyed this production. I agree that sometimes the dialogue can get a bit over the top (particularly with the ref "calling the moves") but the cast delves into it so completely that it isn't much of a problem. Ken Potts and particularly Kelsey Glasser were the stand outs for me though the whole cast is very strong. Too bad the run isn't longer so more people could see this.

Anonymous said...

I think The Wrestling Season tackled an important aspect in teens today. To add to the list of stand outs from above; I'd also say Matt Miller and Danielle Poland stood out. The forum was a informitave but, it went a little long.

Wrestling Fan said...

Kudos to these kids!