Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Water Principle

Sowelu Ensemble
March 25, 2006; closes April 22, 2006

Dangerously wise, underhandedly funny. Deirdre Atkinson keeps getting more interesting; Michael Fetters was flawless. Clever production design, especially CCTV. David Lipkind’s score twists twang, honing in on imagination awry. Only quibble would be some flat blocking, and choppy scene transitions that begged for more consistent, imaginative convention. Curious: Why proscenium?


Anonymous said...

Deirdre Atkinson has been something far more than "interesting" in this community for something close to a decade . Where ya been? :)

theresa said...

Peanut whole-heartedly disagrees with almost everything the Followspot said - except maybe about Michael Fetters (Skimmer?).

The play was an endless chant of "no" (ie I want this, you can't have it, I want this, still can't have it), circular, nothing tangible or real was at stake, and I did not care about anyone, anything, and I never believed in the world. So, unfortunately, as lovely as the metaphors were....I couldn't connect to their power in any constructive way.

I did like the set.

Anonymous said...

This is a show that is getting audiences talking - about theatre, politics, human relations, economics, who knows what else, but they are definitely talking and wondering and thinking. Some friends and I saw the show last weekend - intriguing production, great performances. Was it perfect? Perhaps not, but it inspired several great conversations in the days following. I was disappointed to see that the audience was small and hope people will get out there and see this piece.

Follow Spot said...

Word is that this is the last production from Sowelu for a while before a hiatus. So see it while you can.

Anonymous said...

People should get out and see this - from the email I got today (text below), The Water Principle will be the last Sowelu show for awhile. They will be missed, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the "new era" brings.

"Please drop in and see us for our final performances at the Back Door Theater, 4319 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Sowelu will be leaving the Back Door Theater to make room for new developments. Running a theater has brought great reward over the years but some aspects of our mission and interests of the company have been unattended as we focus on a season year after year. We will be working on some film and documentary projects and take time to develop new stage works over the next year as we foster the next era for Sowelu.

You can see our final production, The Water Principle, Thursday through Saturday nights at 8:00 PM through April 22nd. The cast is great, Michael Fetters, Deirdre Atkinson and Daniel Hill, and the design by Jeb Pearson is special. So, please share in our heartfelt thanks to the little venue behind the Common Grounds Coffee House and wish us well.

Barry Hunt
Sowelu Artistic Director"

Anonymous said...

This is really a fascinating, challenging show and worth a look. It'll haunt you.

Anonymous said...

Haunting is right...this play has stayed with me for two weeks! Those actors worked so tightly together and some of the images are still glowing in my mind's eye. What more could you ask for?

Anonymous said...

Last chance to see The Water Principle tonight and tomorrow. Come on Theatre Groupies - let's send Sowelu out in style!