Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Year with Frog and Toad

Northwest Children’s Theater
February 10, 2006; closes February 26, 2006

Uneven, tousled, but also endearing, entertaining; short-and-sweet without being overproduced. Stephen Alexander directs with smirking flair. Skilled leads nearly over-polished to the point of fake veneer while younger-though-no-less-earnest counterparts still rather rough-hewn, though lilting voice of Bryan Hunt was welcome surprise; adorable Cameron Peart nearly stole show. Silly heart-warming fun.


Anonymous said...

Costumes were brilliant. The younger bird needed to project...really hard to hear.

Anonymous said...

We loved it; our kids were into it the entire time, well except for when Frog was "alone" they couldn't see and were very restless. Frog was still their FAVORITE! They loved the "scary" Frog and Little Frog... we wanted to take him home. Is he related to big frog? They look alike! Great show for little kids, WE NEED MORE!!!!!!!