Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mi Vida Gitana

Teatro Milagro
January 12, 2006; closes January 21, 2006

(Preview.) American military school dropout joins mother in Spain and begins rocky courtship with gypsy heritage. Small cast challenged to fill story’s big-picture ambitions because script, though fluidly bilingual, only sketches the outline. Could’ve benefited from more paint, smaller canvas and wider application of those colorful beatbox and flamenco moments.


Anonymous said...

colorful beatbox? are you referring to the sound design?

Anonymous said...

No he's referring to a moment in the play when the American puts a poem to song for the gypsy girl using beatbox percussion.

Follow Spot said...

that's right -- i'm not sure who originated the idea (sound designer, director, playwright), but it was a nice touch, given that the character is a musician wannabe