Saturday, January 21, 2006

Far Away

Liminal Performance Group
January 19, 2006; closes February 18, 2006

Tediously teasing enigmatic tunnel vision befuddled more than enlightened. Corridor concept made me feel like horse with blinders deprived of peripheral context. Art doesn’t have to give answers, but I didn’t even get the question. Hallie Blashfield, however, showed phenomenal stage prescience. Companion asked, “Is it over?”; I didn’t care.


james moore said...

even at a preview, i was captivated. a complicated script pushed further by abstracted movement, images, unpredictable sound. great performances from Marchant and Sanford (their scene was a highlight). Sanford’s final moments (with John Berendzen’s lovely music) were both moving and funny. while not perfect, it was challenging, unique, rewarding.

Anonymous said...

Madeleine Sanford's performance and John Berendzen's music really made the creepy humor/horror come alive in this production. The last moments with Madeleine chanting were captivating, and the music during the parade of the dead (which otherwise came across as a listless pep rally) was truly unsettling. Otherwise, though, I was underwhelmed. I expected/hoped for more from Liminal.