Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Than I Can Cover
November 6, 2005

My dance card in November is filling up. Here are a few shows that I may not be able to catch. Can anyone offer feedback?

Not...Not...Not...Not...Not Enough Oxygen at Imago Theatre
Tao Soup at Brooklyn Bay
Voices at Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
Romeo and Juliet by Northwest Classical Theatre Company


Anonymous said...

NW Classical's "Romeo and Juliet" is dressed in tuxes and tails -- circa 1880, perhaps? -- which adds or subtracts nothing from the play, but everyone looks nice. Language is handled responsibly and well, though mostly high speed delivery and sizable cuts in the script to bring the running time in under 2 hours sacrifice a bit of the passion one would prefer to see, at least until nearly Act 4. Some dicey casting, especially for such an intimate space (principals a little old, Nurse too young) but the acting is fairly solid. In all, a rather straight rendering that could use more fire and stress on the humor.

Anonymous said...

NWCTC's "Romeo and Juliet" is a mess, alas. I wish I could agree that the text was "handled responsibly," but handling of the text is where this production goes immediately wrong. Much of the time, I was uncertain if the actors understood their lines; and all the playfulness, romanticism, and sexual heat that should have been there was entirely absent. Casting was terrible. I was pained and embarrassed by the performance I saw. I want more from this company. I want this company to want more from itself.