Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dog Opera

2Boards Productions
November 23, 2005; closes December 18, 2005

Slew of scenelets in multiple locales — many delivered by telephones, answering machines — just didn’t connect to make a whole. A play about relationships needs to build relationships. Principles evidenced potential, but primitive staging of cinematic script begged greater directorial initiative; seamless transitions; crisper tempo to punch laughs, milk moments. (Preview)


Anonymous said...

in short, they needed chemistry ... maybe that's changed later in the run?

Anonymous said...

This play is an example of random vignettes where you could remove, rearrange any scene etc. with no impact to overall meaning. Very little through-story here. One thing often overlooked in this town - a PC subject alone is not enough; the play actually has to be good! Also, way too long. Could cut in half and lose nothing. Some good acting here, but material weak.