Sunday, September 04, 2005

D.O.A.: A Primer for the Afterlife

Tribe Theatre and The Box
September 2, 2005; closes September 17, 2005

I like what happens in this space. Somewhere underneath the unsophisticated, unpolished work—seemingly propelled by relentless enthusiasm—appeals some seed of truth, imagination. Jessica-and-friends scene was highlight, but show’s ending crumbled into meaninglessness. Production probably would’ve benefited from single-voice playwright, more charismatic cast to lift this above sketch-comedy trappings.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this show quite a bit even though i experienced some emotional whiplash. there were too many rough transition of extreme moods among the charactors for my taste. however, the comedy was executed quite well (the childhood friends were all hilarious as was the game show host scene). i found the integration of dance and music added to the experience, though i wouldn't necessarily call it a musical in the traditional sense being as the pit orchestra sang and played almost all the numbers themselves. some strange choices on entrances in the middle of the multiple monologue scene near the end were distracting for me. overall, the cast was energetic and kept me engaged the whole time, the minimalist approach on lighting and set were effective and an enjoyable show if you can withstand the whiplash.