Thursday, July 14, 2005

Love’s Labors: Lost & Found

Verb: Literature in Performance
July 14, 2005; closes August 7, 2005

Mixed: Five short stories with nice moments, weak endings -- stuck between literature and limelight -- neither quite the intensity nor the delicacy to fully work the stage, though the genuine Ted Roisum and the amusing Michele Mariana did hold my interest whenever they appeared. Adam Saucy’s lighting balanced modesty, drama.


Anonymous said...

The play - or rather plays - since there were several short stories woven together with a common theme, was delightful and sometimes moving. Interesting that everyone is commenting about the lighting in that it is so unusual to do so but I can see why. The lighting truly did follow the mood of each story, something I assume is difficult to accomplish in such a small forum.

frankie said...

may i draw your attention to the set for this production? i think any lighting effects that were noticed were thanks to the fish-line curtain which gave the lighting designer a fabulous surface off of which to bounce light. nothing against the lighting design but credit where it's due, eh?