Sunday, July 03, 2005


Broadway Rose Theatre Company
July 2, 2005; closes July 17, 2005

One of musical theatre’s best scores, but this production’s a little gaunt, with characters left unsold, perhaps resting too heavily on legs of import Peggy Taphorn (Velma/director/choreographer). Entertaining, but warm-and-fuzzy showgirls-who-wanna-make-it-big are mistaken. Sharp, edgy compulsive players who’ll do anything/anyone out of desperation are what make this a killer musical.


Anonymous said...

Yet quite an enjoyable show. Not perfect but better than just about anything produced by the two "large" theatres in town!

AL said...

Fantastic - this show was all about Amos Hart for me. Ron Daum's honest and tender portrayal was a highlight. Made me watch out for his performance schedule over this past year - and glad I did!!