Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Take Me Out

Artists Repertory Theatre
May 24, 2005

Chris Murray (Shane) at the top of his game; Victor Mack (Davey) a welcome relief player. No grand slam; more like friendly pickup game — fun, but who is really in it to win? Staging seemed disconnected from locker-room environment. Noisy crane-controlled showerheads all but ballyhooed shower scenes, draining naked tension now apparently fixed.


Anonymous said...

The showers have been fixed and are much quieter.

That's what happens when a show is reviewed on a preview night.

Follow Spot said...

Because it was indeed a preview that I saw -- and because things rightly may change through opening night -- I’ve made my first-ever update to a post, taking your word that the mechanics have been improved and this technicality is no longer an issue. Thanks for pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

The opening night audience loved the show. The shower noise was indeed repaired. Although there was a slow drip for a good portion of act II. It was soon forgotten, however, as the action on stage demanded one's attention. It was a stellar cast led by Scott Coopwood. It's good to see an ensemble show, that really has an ensemble.

Anonymous said...

Shower noises aside, this truly is not good theatre. Tim True has been overlooked and is the heart of this production. Victor Mack has been correctly labeled as welcome relief. Everything else is like a seventh-inning-stretch hotdog race that truly doesn't matter. However, Margeret Chapman’s baseball costumes are strikingly authentic.