Saturday, May 07, 2005

Drammy Awards Online
May 6, 2005

The Portland Drammy Awards Committee has launched a new Web site offering information about the upcoming awards ceremony (Monday, June 13, Crystal Ballroom; 6 p.m. pre-show social hour, 7 p.m. awards ceremony; free). Site features changing slide-show, winners from 2003-2004, information about the committee eligibility, process. Historical archives to come.


Anonymous said...

I went to the website, it looks great. Though I noticed that there are some shows up for awards and others that have been omitted. Is there a reason for this? Just curious.

Follow Spot said...

It says the list of shows reviewed thus far in 2004-2005 is not yet complete. General qualifications are listed on the “About” page ( It could be the show that you’re thinking of – if it’s recent – just hasn’t been posted yet, or perhaps it didn’t meet the general eligibility requirements.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I look forward to watching the ceremonies!!